Dreamworld’s Thunder River Rapids ride ‘should not have been in service’ when four killed


June 29, 2018 12:58:17

An engineering supervisor at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast has told a coronial inquest the Thunder River Rapids ride “should not have been in service” when it malfunctioned and killed four people.

The inquiry is examining the deaths of Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett, Roozi Araghi and Cindy Low, who died in October 2016 when their raft hit another stranded on a conveyor belt after a large pump failed and water levels drastically dropped.

The inquest heard a water pump broke down twice before the fatal crash and was repeatedly reset by park technicians who did not look for the cause of the problem.

The pumps had also broken down on three separate occasions before the fatalities occurred, making it the sixth pump failure.

Counsel assisting the coroner Ken Fleming asked engineering supervisor Peter Gardner: “How many times must something break down … within a short space of time before somebody says enough is enough?”

“Before a review is taken, is twice … twice in the same day,” he replied.

“That ride should not have been in service after it broke down a second time, should it?” Mr Fleming asked.

“No,” Mr Gardner replied.

Members of the engineering team previously gave evidence that they understood the theme park’s breakdown procedure was that rides could break down three times before being shut down, which conflicted with the official written procedure.









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