‘Worst school shooting of century’ threat

TERRIFIED classmates at a Sydney high school believed a threat by two female students to “commit the worst school shooting of the century” after school walls were plastered with “Watch out for 12 June”.

Students have revealed exclusively to news.com.au that after the two 16-year-old schoolgirls made a mock school shooting video, the threat was scrawled on the bathroom walls at Newtown Performing Arts High School in Sydney’s inner west.

“Every time the door opened in class, we were s****ing ourselves,” one student said.

The incident has been played down by the Newtown creative high school, but parents are angry and some students are still frightened, news.com.au has learned.

News.com.au can also reveal that one of the girls threatened in class to kill a male student.

After she told him “I’ll f***ing kill you first”, the 16-year-old boy was too scared to walk home.

Police swooped on the school grounds yesterday, the date posted in the opening titles of the two girls’ film studies video.

The video opens with, “On 12th June, 2018, [Newtown year 10 student’s name] and [her fellow year 10 student’s name] committed the worst school shooting of the century”.

A parent told news.com.au they were never told what had happened, just sent a vague email at the last minute denying “rumours”, though some children were kept home on Tuesday.

One of the two girls who made the school shooting movie updated her cover photo on Facebook on June with a post about one of America’s worst serial killers.

The post, which reads in part, “and then came my obsession with Jeffrey Dahmer”, was liked with a “heart” by the second girl. Dahmer, of Milwaukee, raped, murdered and dismembered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Fellow year 10 students were frightened by the girls’ scheduled return to school today after they were briefly suspended.

The threat against the male student came after the two girls played their film studies video.

News.com.au has viewed part of the video, which has now been taken down from YouTube.

The film has gunshot sounds and features threats against sports players, and gay and transgender students.

After the opening titles about “worst school shooting of the century”, the two Newtown students scrawled the word “jocks” on a couch, which they set on fire.

The girls then pound the couch with sticks as it burns.

After the film was played in class last week and the “Watch out for 12 June” threats began appearing in the school bathrooms, the girls were suspended from class until today.

One parent said the email from the school, written in consultation with school director Virginia Lacey, had been sent out at the last minute and was vague and lacked information.

The email advises “parents/carers” to discount “rumours going around … concerning the safety and security of the school tomorrow”.

Without stating what the rumours were, the email says they are “false and relate to an event that the school had managed appropriately in consultation with the police”.

The girls’ two minute film, news.com.au has been told, continues after the opening scene with the theme “we have to kill everyone”.

NSW Police say they investigated the incident and were called in to the school because of the “threatening nature” of the video.

A NSW Education Department spokesman said the students had been disciplined and police had determined the matter “did not pose a risk to public safety”.

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