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An inside look at Australia’s own Capella Hotel #australia #australia_news #ABC_News #Just_In

By Rachel McGhee


June 10, 2018 06:13:54

While the world’s attention will be focused on the Capella Hotel on Tuesday as the meeting point for US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, half a world away is Australia’s own Capella Hotel.

While the two hotels share a name, the Capella Hotel in rural Queensland is a far cry from the luxurious resort island to host the Trump-Kim Summit.

Australia’s Capella is the only pub in the town of the same town.

Located 900 kilometres north-west of Brisbane, the outback hotel on the side of the Peak Downs Highway is best patronised by local farmers, miners and truckies passing through.

“We have the rural people and the mining contractors, there’s a big solar farm being built out at Tieri currently and there’s lots of people that are staying in for that,” owner Donald Carne said.

“It’s the only real watering hole in town, the locals sort of patronise it very well.”

It’s a rural contrast to the lavish Singaporean hotel on Sentosa Island which is known for its luxury amenities and high-end business and leisure trips.

The Capella Singapore Hotel claims to offer the most spacious hotel accommodations in the country.

With 112 rooms, each going for a price anywhere between $500 and $1,000 a night, it includes access to the resort’s clubs, in-room dining, laundry services and some even have a private plunge pool.

The Australian Capella Hotel is simple in comparison, however iconic in its highway hotel form.

The hotel offers 34 rooms going at $80 a night — a price much more affordable to the average traveller.

Rooms are back-to-basics with a simple double bed, small en suite and bar fridge.

All rooms are air conditioned, though — offering a relief to the harsh Australian summer heat.

Trump-Kim summit ‘quite amusing’

The much-anticipated meeting between Mr Trump and Mr Kim has captured the attention of people from across the world, and it is difficult to find someone who does not have some sort of knowledge about it.

“You can’t help but hear about it on the news, it’s always there I guess,” Steven Rath, a miner enjoying a beer with his wife at the Australian Capella hotel, said.

Care factors for the historical summit however do vary.

“We don’t take it very seriously. Sometimes we find it quite amusing,” he said.

“He’s [Donald Trump] always been a colourful character.”

Capella’s own celebrity claim to fame

While the Singapore Capella Hotel will go down in history as the meeting point for two of the world’s most controversial leaders, the highway hotel in the small town of Capella has also had its fair share of big names.

“We’ve had the likes of Jimmy Barnes, Shannon Noll, and INXS,” Mr Carne said.

“Jimmy Barnes actually tipped my wife $20 … [I] put that down to good service.”

Mr Trump and Mr Kim’s official meeting is scheduled for 9:00am local time on June 12.








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