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Scottish MP Danielle Rowley tells UK Parliament she has her period, highlights cost of sanitary products #australia #australia_news #ABC_News #Just_In


June 29, 2018 10:22:10

A UK MP has apologised for turning up late to Parliament, saying she has her period.

Scottish Labour MP Danielle Rowley told the Speaker:

“I would like to announce to you today, and to the House — and perhaps [you] will excuse me for my lateness — that today I’m on my period, and it’s cost me this week already 25 [British] pounds ($44).”

Ms Rowley raised the issue of “period poverty”, saying the annual average cost of having a period in the UK was about 500 British pounds ($889).

“Many women can’t afford this,” she said.

She was praised by people on social media for discussing the “taboo” topic in Parliament.

But others questioned the amount of money Ms Rowley said women spent on their sanitary products.

In Australia, the cost of pads and tampons has been a hot political issue since GST was introduced in 2000.

Earlier this month, the Senate voted to scrap the tax on sanitary products, but the bill was not expected to pass the House of Representatives because the Coalition Government does not support the change.





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